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The real reason we blame women when bands break up

When Courtney Love was pregnant with Kurt Cobain’s daughter, he gave her a Yoko Ono box set. She threw it at his head.

He meant it lovingly, but when fans started making the comparison between Love and Ono last week, they meant it as viciously as possible. Ono, John Lennon’s wife, is broadly known in our culture as the woman who broke up the Beatles. She inaugurated a long line of blaming women for what is, at its most basic level, dudes being unable to get along. Ladies seem always to be catching flak for meddling in the affairs of men, especially when it comes to wrecking rock bands. The ghost of Ono (who’s still alive) looms large in the minds of male rock fans. And it’s consistently used to shame women.

It’s time to set the record straight.

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